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On this page you will learn about Dead Sea, Dead Sea Minerals and the ingredients of the products:

How I started selling these wonderful Dead Sea Mineral Skin Care Products:

One day, I was at the Mall when someone from one of those Kiosk approached to show me the Chiara Body Butter. When I tested some on my hands, I've noticed how soft and silky my hands feels. Then I asked them about their other products like Chiara Night Cream and so on. Finally on that day I end up buying their Chiara Body Butter, Chiara Night Cream and Chiara Pearl Mouse which is a facial peel to get rid of dead skin and eliminate dark spots. On the way home I kept thinking, did I do the right thing to buy all those expensive products? I got my answer shortly after I started using them, with using these dead sea mineral skin care products my skin started to look clear, softer and younger. People would asked me what I did to my skin to look so refreshed, youthful and radiant, and I would tell them about these New Dead Sea Mineral Skin Care Products that I'm using.

At that time I was looking for a job that had flexible hours, so I was able to take care of my kids and work at the same time, then I started thinking how I love these dead sea mineral skin care products. I have seen the results also my friends and family started using them and they were very happy with the results too, then maybe I should start selling them myself. Now I am very happy that I went to the Mall that day and bought those expensive but natural skin care products.

Dead Sea

Dead Sea is a salt water Sea and is located 1,300 feet below Sea level which is the lowest part of the Earth's surface. Being at lowest part of the Earth, combined with high concentration of Minerals and Sulfites in the Dead Sea, made a combination that is known from ancient times to do wonders for the skin and has magic ability to heal alot of different diseases such as: Arthritis, Rheumatism, Headaches and Migrains, Psoriasis, Back Pain, Joint Pain, Eczema, Dry Skin, Acne, many Skin allergies, Fatigue and Sleeplessness..... Better Blood circulation, Metabolism, more relaxed Nervous System, Dandruff, waking up the Hair Roots, and healing the Wounds are also other healing wonders of Dead Sea. It has been known that alot of Kings and Queens from ancient times have gone there to heal themselves. Queen Sheba was one of the first to believe in the magical healing powers of the Dead Sea and after that Cleopatra heard about it magical healing powers of the Dead Sea Minerals on human skin and used the salt and mud from the Dead Sea the regain her youth. Cleopatra build the world's first spa by the Dead Sea. Also today we see alot of Hollywood royalty use Dead Sea Mineral Products to rejuvenate themselves.

Dead Sea Mineral Products

Your skin is your body's largest organ. It tends to absorb whatever it comes in contact with, at least to a small degree. Therefore it is very important to scrutinize ingredients when selecting skin care products just as we do when choosing our food. Everyday people are learning about the potential problems associated with preservatives and other chemicals in standard skin care products. Natural skin care products are made from minerals plus plant extracts, free of petro-chemicals, and synthetic dyes. By sticking with natural ingredients, you can help reduce the harmful effects of harsh chemicals being absorbed into your skin and system.

The Best Of Nature

Dead Sea Mineral Skin Care Products are enriched with Herbal Oils and Plant Extracts such as: Avocado, Olive, Borage Seed, Sweet Almond, Sea Buckthorn, Rose Hip, Jojoba & Evening Primrose Oils, Allantoin, Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamins, Hydrolyzed Silk, Walnut, Chamomile, Ginseng & Algae Extracts that are good for Anti Aging, Nourishing, Antioxidant and moisturizing components. All these skin friendly ingredients would calm the skin from any kind of stress, plus they would rebuild the skin to a youthful, healthy and natural complexion.

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